1hr 26mins
Dir: Bill Eagles
Starring: Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch

Two women with abusive boyfriends are thrown together when one accidentally kills the other’s partner

The opening and closing credits of this violent crime film run with an unusual night-time ‘phantom ride’ from a bufferbeam mounted camera that is hanging down to track level thus giving a ‘rolling track’ image. These shots were apparently filmed on the Bluebell Railway using 9F 2-10-0 No.92240, though the loco is not seen. The film does, however, feature good shots of Bo’ness station on the Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway, with BR Mk1 coaching stock prominent in one scene. Again, no locomotives feature. In addition, there are scenes at the beginning and end that appear to have been filmed inside a BR slam-door express EMU, probably also filmed on the Bluebell Railway, and there is also a brief external view of Dumbarton Central station.

The film opens and closes to this rolling track sequence, filmed on the Bluebell Railway. Note the platform brickwork on the left.
Having alighted from the train of Mk.1 coaches, passengers make their way to the exit at Bo’ness station
This is Dumbarton Central, making a pleasantly unexpected appearance standing in as it is for Bo’ness
As mentioned above, Rachel Weisz and Susan Lynch drive to Bo’ness for a scene late in the film. Although Dumbarton Central provides the external shot, the platforms correctly use Bo’ness.
The police have brought their dogs as well…This is Bo’ness again. Notice the old Gresley coach in the background.
This is the interior of a BR Mark 1 EMU, probably a 4 CIG.