Image result for Bean 1997 movie

1hr 30mins
Dir: Mel Smith
Starring: Rowan Atkinson and Pamela Reed

The bumbling Mr Bean travels to America where he is entrusted to unveil a priceless painting at a Los Angeles gallery

This family adventure was based on the television series Mr. Bean. At the end of the film, Mr Bean settles into his bed in his room in a building in Prebend Gardens, London W4. On the viaduct behind, a District Line train of London Transport D78 stock is pulling out of Stamford Brook station and although it is filmed at night, it is quite clear. The film was followed ten years later in 2007 by Mr Bean’s Holiday (qv), which had slightly more in the way of railway material.

The District Line train can be seen passing behind Mr. Bean’s house in Prebend Gardens