Image result for bachelor of hearts 1958

1hr 34mins
Dir: Wolf Rilla
Starring: Hardy Krüger and Sylvia Syms

A German student goes to Cambridge University to study

This comedy features an edited departure scene from London King’s Cross with ‘blood and custard’ liveried Mk1 rolling stock displaying ‘Cambridge Buffet Express’ roof boards. There is also a run-by of an ex-LNER B17 Class 4-6-0 going away from the camera, and a shot of the frontage of Cambridge station. All in all then, a good accurate depiction of a London-Cambridge train journey, and in technicolor too! Incidentally, although the platform scene at Cambridge station is real, with Mk1 coaches shrouded in steam, the carriage interior scene was a set. The back-projection looks as though it has plenty on offer to view, but the crowds of people standing in the corridor make any attempt at identification impossible!

The ‘Cambridge Buffet Express’ leaves King’s Cross. Several of these ran throughout the day, and at various times over the years, with one departure leaving ‘The Cross’ at 23:40pm. This particular train was very popular with Cambridge students who soon referred to it as the ‘Beer Train’!
An express service passes through fields with an ex-LNER B17 Class 4-6-0 on the front. Judging by the nameplate it appears to be a ‘Footballer’.
The frontage of Cambridge station one day in 1958