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1hr 35mins
Dir: Franco Rosso
Starring: Brinsley Forde and Trevor Laird

The trials and tribulations of young black youths in troubled early eighties London

This racial drama was produced by the National Film Finance Corporation and is now regarded as a classic of the genre. There are some scenes filmed within the viaduct arches of Edward Place, Deptford, and BR blue-liveried EPB units pass overhead. Another scene filmed at the junction of Atlantic Road with Electric Avenue in Brixton shows a similar unit passing. There is also a scene filmed at Finsbury Park Underground station with 1973-built tube stock arriving in the Northbound Piccadilly Line platform. This is followed by short scenes filmed onboard a similar unit and a shot of escalators at an unknown Underground station. This is not Finsbury Park as although the station is a ‘deep-level’ tube station, it has neither lifts nor escalators as its lines are less than 20’ (6.1 m) below street level.

Edward Place, Deptford, London SE8
This is the Northbound Piccadilly Line platform at Finsbury Park with a train of 1973-built tube stock arriving.