1hr 45mins
Dir: Pat Holden
Starring: Stephen Graham and Nicky Bell

A disaffected youth joins a group of football casuals

This is yet another football hooligan drama, this time based on Kevin Sampson’s 1998 novel of the same name. Although it may follow an overworked theme almost to saturation point it does feature several decent railway scenes that try to reflect the era in which the film is set – 1979. For these scenes, the East Lancashire Railway was used, with some particularly fine views of Class 47 No.47402 Gateshead on a short train of four blue and grey Mark 1’s. The station used was Bury Bolton Street and there are a number of sequences filmed onboard the train. Look out for the cab of a BR 4 CIG EMU that accidentally creeps into shot during one of the departure scenes. Otherwise, the historic accuracy is pretty good for a change.