Image result for Appointment with Crime 1946

1hr 32mins
Dir: John Harlow
Starring: William Hartnell and Joyce Howard

An ex-convict swears revenge on the gang that let him take the fall for the crime

This excellent crime film features a railway journey that has a number of shots of expresses thrown in for good measure. Although these are filmed day for night two of the shots show GWR expresses passing through Langley [Bucks] station, whilst the third is of LNER in origin. There is, however, one much clearly shot a little later in the film that shows Midland Railway 1000 Class ‘Compound’ 4-4-0 No.1024 pulling out of a station with a train. Finally, there is a brief shot of William Hartnell entering a station where LMS suburban coaching stock is visible through the booking office door but the location of this scene is not yet known.

A darkened shot of a steam-hauled LNER express passing through a shallow cutting
Another express passes the camera but at least the location for this shot is known. This is the down main platform at Langley station, on the Great Western main line just east of Slough. The station sign visible in the background reads Langley [Bucks] but since 1974 the town, like that of neighbouring Slough, has been a part of Berkshire.
The camera has now swung round to capture a ‘Castle’ hauled express passing through on the up main at Langley
1000 Class Compound 4-4-0 No.1024 angrily pulls away from a station somewhere on the Midland
William Hartnell races through the booking office of a station with an LMS 3rd Class suburban coach visible through the doorway