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2hrs 10mins
Dir: Joe Wright
Starring: Jude Law and Keira Knightley

In late 19th century Russian high society, an aristocrat enters into a life-changing affair with a dashing Count

Despite this 2012 version of Tolstoy’s novel being a lengthy lavish remake of the by now familiar tale, it was poorly received and described by many as being little more than average. It is very theatrical and at times, difficult to come to terms with. The film has some quite odd model work but does feature a railway scene filmed at the Didcot Railway Centre, the engine shed of which masquerades as Moscow station. The shed is decked out with various back cloths and GWR locomotives in the form of 2884 Class 2-8-0 No.3822 and 4300 Class 2-6-0 No.5322 appear in this scene, the latter rather elaborately ‘caked’ in fake snow. Some vintage coaching stock is also visible but be warned, a wheel tapper is crushed to death beneath the wheels of No.5322 in one rather gruesome scene.

This is in fact the engine shed at the Didcot Railway Centre, dressed for its starring role as ‘Moscow’ station. Heavy Freight 2-8-0 No.3822 is on the right.
4300 Class 2-6-0 No.5322 arrives on set heavily caked in fake snow. Oh those unforgiving Russian winters!