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1hr 35mins
Dir: Julien Duvivier
Starring: Vivian Leigh and Ralph Richardson

The tragic story of a married aristocrat and her affair with an affluent Count

One of many film versions of Leo Tolstoy’s tragic 19th century novel, this British production saw London Films borrow a pair of ex-SECR B1 Class 4-4-0s, Nos 1445 and 1454, to play a couple of ‘Russian’ locomotives. They were equipped with massive smokestacks, headlights and cowcatchers along with front end railings and built up tenders. Some studio work involved models and elaborate sets but the night journey and final suicide scene were filmed at Tattenham Corner station, with the use of some suitably disguised rolling stock adding to the occasion. The film is usually referred to in the UK as Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. The 2012 version of the film also featured a British railway sequence (qv).

Tattenham Corner station plays the part of 19th century Russia. The coaching stock is well-disguised by 1948 standards and passengers in period dress add further to the scene.
The massive smokestacks added for effect are only too clear in this shot
The hugely realistic final scene shows Vivian Leigh about to meet her dramatic fate, though of course this is back-projection in the studio