Image result for All the Right Noises 1971 film

1hr 32mins
Dir: Gerry O’Hara
Starring: Tom Bell and Olivia Hussey

A married man with two small children has an affair with a 15-year old actress

This sensitive drama features some good railway scenes. The first were filmed on the London Underground, mostly at Leicester Square, though the platform scene used Aldwych with 1959-built tube stock. This is followed by a lengthy scene filmed onboard one of the units and a night-time arrival of another at Uxbridge station. There are then several scenes filmed at London Cannon Street station with 4 CEP EMU’s and a 4 EPB present (the latter still in BR green). One of the CEP’s is unit No.7113 working headcode 07, Cannon Street-Gillingham or Ramsgate via Swanley and Chatham. The final scene is filmed at Windsor & Eton Riverside station with a 4 SUB EMU arriving in the background of one shot. The scenes filmed inside the EMU’s likely used Cannon Street. All the Right Noises was produced in 1968 but was not released until 1971.

Tom Bell and Olivia Hussey make their way through the ticket hall at Leicester Square station
Although the pair are seen on the escalators at Leicester Square, they arrive onto the platform via this stairway at Aldwych
Where a train of 1959 stock is waiting in the platform
The clue to it all lies here, with the station sign seen through the window. As far as I am aware all the LT roundels used the full word ‘SQUARE’ and never the abbreviated form of ‘SQ.’ But I am willing to be proved wrong. Either way, the station in this scene was Aldwych.
Journey’s end…. A Piccadilly Line service of 1959-built stock arrives into Uxbridge.
Tom Bell and Judy Carne on the concourse at London Cannon Street, a station railway featured on film
The acting trope are seen on the platform with a 4 CEP EMU forming the backdrop. This was prior to the wholesale refurbishment of the fleet which saw the fitting of hopper ventilators instead of the sliding drop light windows visible here.
Turning around now and we see a much older EPB still in green. With the CEP’s in BR corporate blue & grey, green units were becoming a very rare thing indeed.
4 CEP Unit No.7113 departs London Cannon Street with a Gillingham or Ramsgate-bound service.
Tom Bell enters Windsor & Eton Riverside station at night
As Tom Bell and Olivia Hussey discuss the small matter of their ‘relationship’ a 4 SUB arrives in the platform behind