1hr 30mins
Dir: Tay Garnett
Starring: Robert Mitchum and Anne Heywood

In 1941, the IRA starts a campaign that will coincide with the planned German invasion of England

This Anglo-American melodrama was based on the 1958 novel of the same name by Arthur Roth and was released in the US as The Night Fighters. It features one very good shot right at the end of a steam-hauled train at Carlisle Pier station, Dun Laoghaire.

This excellent shot shows a train standing at Carlisle Pier station, Dun Laoghaire. Sometimes, though never officially known as Mailboat Pier because of the connections with the mailboat sailings to Holyhead, the station closed on 11th October 1980. The locomotive simmering at the head of the train is a former GS&WR Class 351 0-6-0.