Dir: John Gilling
Starring: John Barry and Maureen Riscoe

A mild-mannered bank clerk is persuaded by his nagging, gold digging girlfriend to embezzle money

This crime thriller B movie has a railway journey from London Paddington to Cheltenham Spa by train. Although there is a brief shot of Paddington station no trains are seen, and those shown as part of the journey are a mixed myriad of stock shots, all at night: one of an express heading away from the camera, one of a train arriving at a station, and one from Brief Encounter (1945).

The old cab road at Paddington station, running alongside Eastbourne Terrace
An express heads off into the setting sun. This is a stock shot that has also appeared in The Demi-Paradise (1943) and Perfect Strangers (1945).
Another stock shot showing a train arriving at an unknown station. A near-identical shot appeared in Love in Waiting (qv) which was released the same year and the locomotive appears to be a tank engine of some description.
A stock shot from Brief Encounter (1945) showing an express passing through Carnforth