Dir: John Gilling
Starring: John Barry and Maureen Riscoe

A mild-mannered bank clerk is persuaded by his nagging, gold digging girlfriend to embezzle money

This crime thriller B movie has a railway journey from London Paddington to Cheltenham Spa by train. Although there is a brief shot of Paddington station no trains are seen, and those shown as part of the journey are a mixed myriad of stock shots, all at night: one of an express heading away from the camera, one of a local train arriving at Carnforth, and one from Brief Encounter (1945).

The old cab road at Paddington station, running alongside Eastbourne Terrace
An express heads off into the setting sun. This is a stock shot that has also appeared in The Demi-Paradise (1943) and Perfect Strangers (1945).
This shot shows a train arriving at Carnforth. A near-identical one appeared in Love in Waiting (qv), also released in 1949 and which just happens to also show Celia Johnson! This therefore is an unused reel from David Lean’s classic and shows the ‘Ketchworth branch train’ arriving so the locomotive shrouded in steam is likely to be Stanier LMS Class 4P 2-cylinder 2-6-4T No.2429.
A stock shot from Brief Encounter (1945) showing an express passing through Carnforth