1hr 36mins
Dir: Carol Reed
Starring: Celia Johnson and David Kossoff

In the busy wholesale-retail world of London’s East End everyone, it seems, has unattainable dreams

Some scenes in this quite tragic family drama were filmed around Vallence Road in Bethnal Green, and visible in some shots are viaduct arches with a signal box above. There are also some semi-distant shots of EMU’s passing St. Paul’s Cathedral and although the trains are real, St. Paul’s formed part of a matted backcloth so the exact location is unclear. The screenplay was adapted by Wolf Mankowitz from his own 1953 novel of the same name.

In this view from Vallence Road in Bethnal Green a signal box can be seen perched quite precariously on the viaduct behind Joseph Tomelty
Looking out of the family premises there is a view of St. Paul’s Cathedral. An EMU is crossing the railway viaduct immediately to the left of Jonathan Ashmore’s head but the dome of the Cathedral is a matted backdrop so it is not clear entirely how much of this is real.
Although this is a lot less clearer, another train can be seen crossing the viaduct in this second shot