Image result for A Hard Days Night 1964

1hr 27mins
Dir: Richard Lester
Starring: Paul McCartney and Wilfrid Brambell

The Beatles head from Liverpool to London to appear on a television show

Produced during the height of Beatlemania the film portrays several days in the lives of the group. It is the first Beatles film and features a train journey in which the band travel from Liverpool to London, though in reality they go nowhere as both the ‘Liverpool’ departure and ‘London’ arrival scenes are filmed at London Marylebone. In the arrival scenes, a high camera angle used to show fans mobbing the train just reveals a BR Sulzer Type 2 (Class 24 or 25) at the head of some Mk1 coaches with a Class 115 DMU in the far background. The actual railway journey scenes were filmed on the Minehead branch from Norton Fitzwarren, with Crowcombe Heathfield station used in one scene, though it is reported that the line to Barnstaple was also used for some shots. In this journey sequence the train is made up of BR Mk1 coaches, but no locomotives are seen.

A crowds of fans follow the musicians into Marylebone station
Looking along the old platform 1 at London Marylebone
The Fab Four run alongside the train, said to be Crowcombe Heathfield on the West Somerset branch to Minehead
Arriving back in London the Beatles escape from the train, and the ensuing crowds. This is Marylebone again and in the background is a Class 115 DMU. The high camera angle reveals the loco at the front of their train to be a Sulzer Type 2 though the exact identity can not be determined.
Norman Rossington inside a Mk1 buffet. A station is outside the window but is it Marylebone?