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1hr 47mins
Dir: Anthony Mann
Starring: Laurence Harvey and Tom Courtenay

A double agent is given orders to kill himself

Based on the 1966 Derek Marlowe novel of the same name this spy film features a shot in East London of a Class 302 EMU passing over a viaduct. This was filmed from Barnardo Gardens in Shadwell. Also, during an amateur cine film showing there is a black and white image of the frontage to London Victoria station, a rare example of a ‘film within a film’. For those interested in all forms of transport, the film includes some brief scenes of the trams in West Berlin just prior to the systems closure and some excellent shots of the S-Bahn in near original form.

This is the amateur footage filmed outside London’s Victoria station
As Laurence Harvey walks through Barnardo Gardens, Shadwell, a Class 302 passes on the viaduct behind