1hr 40mins
Dir: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Starring: Robert Carlyle and Rose Byrne

London is getting back to normal when another virus outbreak erupts

Near the start of this sequel to 28 Days Later (qv) there are some good shots of the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) system and its trains, including P89 set No.13 arriving at Canary Wharf station. Set No.57 is also visible in these scenes, as is the entrance to Canary Wharf Jubilee Line station and the escalators and stairs of London City Airport DLR station. Later, there is a very brief shot of the frontage to Moorgate Underground station and some aerial shots of London with railway lines visible, including a shot of Wembley Stadium with the adjacent Chiltern Railways depot clearly identifiable. There are then some scary moments filmed on the Underground at both the closed Aldwych and Charing Cross stations. These scenes confusingly flit between the two, with 1972-built stock in the platform at Aldwych, and 1996-built stock in the platform at Charing Cross. Some additional scenes filmed at Charing Cross using the 1996-built train appear in the deleted scenes section on the DVD.

These are the stairs and escalators of London City Airport DLR station. Passengers can take these up to the platforms.
A pair of DLR units cross the Royal Docks peninsula at Silvertown with the infamous Millennium Dome behind
As graffiti is removed from the roof of a house, a DLR train approaches London City Airport station in the background
This is the approach to an unknown DLR station as seen from the front of a train
And in this view from behind a tank, another DLR train arrives at another station on the network, possibly the one above
A DLR train crosses a viaduct and passes some assembled military hardware, the Chinook helicopter of which is definitely computer-generated
A DLR train arrives into Canary Wharf station, as viewed from a neighbouring tower block
And down at platform level a DLR train arrives into the station led by P89 unit 13
Passengers mill about at Canary Wharf station with a pair of DLR units behind, one of which is clearly set No.57
Unsurprisingly, a shot of the entrance to Canary Wharf Underground station also features
In this aerial view of London’s Docklands two DLR stations are seen in close proximity, Canary Wharf is at the top and West India Quay is at the bottom
This is Wembley Stadium, scene of many a heartbreak. The small white building to the right is nothing to do with the stadium but is in fact Wembley Light Maintenance Depot, operated by Chiltern Railways.
Survivors head to the Underground for sanctuary. This, on the grand scheme of things, is not a good idea. Here we have the ticket hall and concourse of Charing Cross station, littered with water and debris to make it look totally abandoned.
These are the ticket barriers and escalators of Charing Cross
An abandoned train of 1996-stock at Charing Cross
Another view of Charing Cross and its train in the dark
It is perhaps inevitable that a violent, cold-blooded attack would occur, after all, the station has been abandoned.
As the above pictures have shown most of the Underground sequence took place at Charing Cross though some of the cross passages appear to use Aldwych. This, however, definitely is Aldwych, and the train of 1996 stock has become one of 1972 stock.
There is one sequence in the deleted scenes section of the DVD that shows Charing Cross station as part of a dream. And with the lights on!!