Image result for 11 Harrowhouse 1974 movie

1hr 34mins
Dir: Aram Avakian
Starring: Charles Grodin and Candice Bergen

An independent diamond broker and his girlfriend attempt a heist at a major Diamond Exchange house in London

There is a scene right at the end of this unspectacular crime thriller that was shot at the Buckinghamshire Railway Centre. The featured scene was shot in Quainton Road Down Yard with ‘diamonds’ being mixed with cement in the back of a lorry using water from the Down Yard water tower! In the background three locomotives are visible: ex-GWR 5700-series 0-6-0PT No.7715, rebuilt LSWR Beattie 0298 Class 2-4-0WT No.0314 and Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST No.3717 (ex-Associated Portland Cement Company No.3). The screenplay was adapted from the 1972 novel of the same name by Gerald A. Browne.

Candice Bergen with Quainton Road station in the background
This is the down yard at Quainton Road, and the criminals are mixing bags of cement in the back of the lorry. It is therefore appropriate that the green locomotive to the right is Hawthorn Leslie 0-4-0ST No.3717 (ex-Associated Portland Cement Company No.3). Above the yellow lorry one can make out the cab of LSWR Beattie Well Tank No.0314 but the ex-GWR Pannier Tank beyond that is barely visible.