1hr 37mins
Dir: Cliff Owen
Starring: Dick Emery and Ambrosine Phillpotts

A conman seeks clues to a hidden fortune that are tattooed on the behinds of several girls

This comedy takes its title from one of Dick Emery’s catchphrases, though it was the comedian’s sole starring vehicle. The catchphrase is familiar to us but is probably the reason why it was retitled Get Charlie Tully for its US release. There are a number of amusing scenes filmed at London Waterloo station and in one of these, Dick Emery boards a slam-door express EMU. As it pulls out, a Class 33 is revealed to have been behind standing at the bufferstops, but a number of other suburban EMU’s are also visible in the background. Whilst onboard the train Dick Emery is menaced by gangsters who end up being thrown out in the middle of a tunnel. In a continuity slip, as the train enters the tunnel it has become a ‘Hastings’ DEMU, then as it leaves, it has transformed into a Class 411 4 CEP EMU! The tunnel therefore is probably one on the Hastings line between Tonbridge and Battle.